Wireless Controller Compatible with Ps4

The controller is an important part of the PlayStation that encourages us to play games while making them more interesting through its vibrations. So what if your controller that comes with PlayStation has gone bad? Will you stop playing games? The answer is obviously no right. So you will prefer a keyboard and mice to play with. But the keyboard and mouse will not provide you feel while playing games. Here we are with the solution of a Wireless Controller Compatible with Ps4.

If you are gaming on PS4, one of the controllers is exhibiting analog stick drift. So if you need replacement and do not have to pay loads for another. The wireless controller compatible with PS4 is the value-for-money controller. It is present at the price of only $21.99.

Let’s see a closer look at this controller in this article. 

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Style and Design

The PS controller Galaxy Style is consistent with PS4/PS4 PRO and laptops with Windows 7/8/8.1/10. This controller wireless layout of the gamepad button is optimized with a dual analog joystick design. The design of the controller is also very unique with the color of green camouflage. For enjoying video you have the benefit of a built-in speaker and a 3.5mm audio jack. Furthermore, a touchpad and integrated light bar are present for our convenience. 

We have strong rumble vibration in the controller for making our games more interesting. It holds 5 to 8 hours of long battery life and has a good charge. To protect the original analog stick click caps from wear and tear controller consist of 4 Silicone PS4 Controller Caps. However, this provides you stereo handset jack.

Wireless Controllers is featured a lot of buttons as we know that every controller consists of like directional button, share button, option button, action button, left sticks, headset jack, charging port, R1, R2, L1, and L2 with light bar. The dimension of the controller is 6.46*4.17*2.68 inches and 9.6 ounces.

Storage and features

A wireless controller for P-4 enables us to enjoy gaming time without the limit of wire. Equips us with 8-10 hrs non-stop playing time with a 1000mAh rechargeable battery. This will take 2-3 hrs charging time and covers the wireless distance of 8m/26FT. Built-in-dual motor vibrations provide a definitive and realistic experience of gaming. It can be compatible with PlayStation 4/pro/slim.

Furthermore, the controller reduces response time and accuracy at critical moments through high sensitivity. For great performance, it has a 6-axis sensor and dual vibration for a realistic gaming feeling. 

Connectivity Options

In everyone’s mind first, the question arises is either it will be easy to connect to the console? So the answer is Yes. You can easily connect it to either a console through cable or wireless connection or with a PC also you can easily connect it to play as many as games you wanted. 

We have to just follow a few steps to connect the controller to the console. Some steps are as follows:-

Firstly connect the controller to the console with the USB cable then long press the home button for 2 seconds. The white light of the flash will indicate that it is in a paired state. Then you have to wait for 5 seconds the led indicator will change the light color to tell you about a successful connection.

For a wireless connection, press the home button and wait for 3-5 seconds. The LED indicator will change color to indicate the successful connection of your controller. If you wanted to connect it to a PC. Do PC Connection of controller with USB cable. The indicator light will turn from white to red to give you an indication of a successful connection.

One important note to be mentioned is Wireless game controller is a third-party replacement, not the official controller.

Some special features

The wireless gamepad controller enables to give you a good product and a better user experience, which is featured dual vibration functions, precise direction control, and a 360-degree joystick. The additional audio jack and mini light bar give you the greatest moments with the button. The box of the controller includes 1 Ps 4 controller, 1 USB cable 1*4 Pcs Game Remote Joystick cap.


The best thing about this controller is the first pair to the PS4 system must via the micro-USB charging cable, no driver or receiver is needed. After the first successful pairing, you just need to press one button to connect the console again. This controller in this range is worth buying as it connects to every PS4. You can buy this device from any of the E-commerce websites like amazon.

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