Best Things About Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sylvania’s mission is to provide goods that are superior to the market standard. Today We talk about Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker Let’s Start.

Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker: Features

Sylvania’s SP495 is a large but transportable Bluetooth speaker. It weighs 4.5 pounds and has dimensions of 7 by 8.25 by 16 inches. To get a superior product without going into debt.

Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker: Specifications

– Bluetooth offers trouble-free wireless pairing with any device that supports the technology.

Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker: Specifications

– Waterproof construction to IPX4 standards means it can survive the elements and splashes and dirt.

Final Words

The Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic product for such a low price. You should explore elsewhere for a portable Bluetooth speaker if you want to use it primarily outdoors or in big spaces.