The Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Review

Taking ergonomic cues from a top-tier office chair, the Mavix M9 demonstrates what a gaming chair may be like. It’s a potent concoction with a steep price, but it can be well worth it if you spend hours sitting at a desk. Here is the Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Review for you to buy.

Specifications Of Mavix M9 Gaming Chair

  • Measures between 47 and 52 inches tall when including the base (119 – 132.1cm)
  • Chair Back Depth 29.5 – 34 Inches (75 – 86.4cm)
  • Width of Back Support (at Shoulder Level): 20.5″ (52cm)
  • 17–20 inch (floor to seat) seat height (43.2 – 50.8cm)
  • The overall width of the seating space is 22 inches (55.9cm)
  • The depth of the seating area ranges from 21 to 22.75 inches (53.3 – 57.8cm)
  • Adjustable (23.5-30 inches) Armrest Height (59.7 – 76.2cm)

The Mavix M9 comes at a high price, and it’s $999, more than twice as much as the Secretlab Omega, our current top selection for the best gaming chair. Indeed, the Mavix M9 isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny because of its ergonomic modifications and high level of comfort, making it suitable for both work and pleasure.

With the addition of effective lumbar support systems, neck pillows, and 4D adjustable armrests that better line up with desktops, several gaming chairs have made significant gains toward enabling improve ergonomics. However, the Mavix components and the FS360 armrest, sold separately for $165, work together far better than the other options. Adjustability-wise, they’re light years ahead of 4D armrests.

Although the Mavix M9 isn’t something everyone should go out and get, it might be well worth it for individuals who spend long hours at their computer working or gaming and have trouble finding a good ergonomic posture.

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Assembly For The Mavix M9

The Mavix M9’s heavy weight made transporting the box to the second floor the most challenging portion of the setup process. However, as it comes partly complete, it only took approximately 15 minutes to slot and bolt together after everything was packaged. The mechanical basis for the seat is already connect, and all you have to do to get rolling is slide the wheels and piston into the five-point base.

The seat back’s attachment to the ground was the sole challenge since it was difficult to align the bolt holes for these two heavy sections. The process is still less complicate . Than other racing-style gaming seats.

If the bolts and tools hadn’t been contain in their flimsily seal container, the assembly would have been a bit more challenging than it requires (in this case, one Allen key and one bolt had escape). A few additional bolts are including with every order of Mavix.

Design For The Mavix M9

Similar to the M5 and the X3 ATR Mgmt chair, the Mavix M9 features a wide, sloping seat and a segment back that can be adjust in three ways: lumbar support, back height, and head angle. The M9 is unlike the other chairs in its fit and finish.

To a large extent, the M5 is made of mesh. The M9 retains part of this tough mesh, but it gets wrapps in M-Breeze fabric, which is more breathable than the previous iteration and gives the bag a leathery look. The frame is black, but the mesh and material may be customized in your choice of black, white, or a chilly “Glacier” blue.

Mavix M9 Gaming Chair Review

Other than that, the design isn’t very far from standard gaming seats. The chair’s controls are located at its base, just out of reach enough that bending down is necessary to access them. The chair’s 4D armrests allow for lateral, forward, and rearward adjustment in addition to rotation. But the Mavix FS360 armrests are available for an additional $165.

Comfort And Ease Of Use For The Mavix M9

Seating comfort and ergonomics are prioritized in the Mavix M9’s thoughtful design. It lacks the ridiculous adjustability of some racing seats, but it doesn’t need it since it’s more comfortable than most competitors. As oppose to the sharp bucket seat bolsters used on racing-theme gaming chairs, this one has a large, softly curve base cushion that cradles the back of the thighs and hips.

Final Words

The Mavix M9 is an excellent choice if you want a chair that will provide long-term comfort for work, pleasure, or a mix of the two at your desk. Moreover, the Mavix M9’s adjustable features make it simple to select a restful and healthy posture for gaming and working.

The Mavix is a severe financial commitment; as such, it is not a good choice for folks who won’t be seat for extend periods. However, the Mavix M7 and Mavix M5 are more reasonably price alternatives with the same revolutionary FS360 armrests. However, the M9 excels in this department owing to a more prominent seat cushion that accommodates even the heaviest of passengers.

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