The A – Z Guide Of Ricoh Theta SC2 Review 

As we all know, Technology is increasing day by day and giving a vast change in our society. And as new product launches in the market it has a huge price and demand.  With the passage of time, the fondness for that product among people keeps on decreasing. The same situation arises with 360-degree action cameras, the prices and size of these cameras have fallen down over the years. Let’s talk about Ricoh Theta SC2 Review.

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Richo with Theta lineup is also growing day by day. It has a diverse field of cameras from entry-level to professional level. The Theta SC2 is one of them. This model ventured to market when the 360 cameras were in huge demand in November 2019. Thegadgets24 is here to give a Ricoh Theta SC2 Review and let you know if it’s worth buying.

Decent and Simple Design

If we imagine a camera we think of a big black color camera or a funky look of this. But this imagination ends out here only this Theta SC2 has a simple and excellent design just like a candy car shape.

On the face, you will only get the Theta branding, and on the other side get to see one Oled display which is used to show information like battery, shooting mode, etc, and one single button. At the bottom one USB port for charging and transferring data. The camera has a highlight finish which is really eye-catching. It was designed for beginners and some lifestyle shooters. It has 4 buttons that are – to power on and off, wifi button and a mode button, and a timer button.

Size and Mass

The dimension of Theta SC2 is 13.2*2.29*4.52 cm.  It makes it easy to handle with hands and with a selfie stick. Theta SC2 is made of premium quality and gives the feel of holding a remote in your hands. Its weight is only 3.6 oz. This is the camera with a long height and shorter width which makes it very attractive. Moreover, it is lighter than 1st generation and also hardware has involved a lot compared with its processor.

The family of SC2 has developed Theta SC2, for people who casually use the camera and for vacation purposes of families or friends. Ricoh Theta SC2 Review is also for people who desperately wanted to know whether it is suitable for vacations.

Connectivity of Theta SC2

Previously, the connectivity was very difficult like first going to wifi settings and disconnecting first all the connections which were connected before to smartphones then we were able to connect the camera to our smartphones. But now it becomes very easy as you just have to open the recent update app, the Theta app will automatically connect your SC2 just you have to enter the serial number which is mentioned in the box.

Once you are connected, you can start your shoot within seconds, aside from only granting permission to the Theta app to access photos and videos on your smartphones. This connectivity solution is easy and makes the setup fast and smooth.

Image and Video Quality

In Theta SC2 you will get the 14 megapixels, CMOS sensor light-capturing design that will help you deliver clear high resolution pictures. According to the price of the product, you will get colorful and vibrant images which are really not bad. This Theta SC2 is made more for photography rather than videography. We can’t deny that Ricoh has a great history of building superior photography cameras and in Theta SC2 also we are not at all disappointed with their camera. The 360 camera has a dual-lens setup and the final image you will get from this camera is 14.2 megapixels.

The videos can be easily made in 4k resolution at 30 fps in the format of Mp4. But one thing to make you clear, you will not get the video as crisp as you imagined. It has lack stabilization and resolutions. But the quality of the video will be good on small screens which suit casual users, not professionals.

Audio and Storage

Riche has come up with a special feature i.e spatial audio that will give of experience of spherical audio. In addition to this, it has removed background winds & enhanced clarity quality as well as built-in 2 microphones.

The internal memory storage is 14 GB which is quite enough for photography storage. And also Theta SC2 is not a waterproof gadget.

Is Riche Theta SC2 worth buying?

If we see in perspective buying a camera for casual purposes or for vacations or for beginners is the best choice. The Theta SC2 is not for professional content creators or for videography. Although it is a good upgrade version of the first generation of Riche.


The best thing is the introduction of the Oled screen to SC2. Also, it is good to see a 360 camera in this budget with the solid performance of 4k video and 14 megapixels. If you are thinking of going with Ricoh then it is a value-for-money camera and you don’t have a better choice in this budget. The Ricoh Theta SC2 costs us $285.53.

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