Review Of Flexispot Theodore Standing Desk

There is nothing else on the market like the FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk. This one stands out compared to the standard two-legged, desktop, and hand-controller standing desk. It’s a substantial desk with walnut veneer and ornate molding around the perimeter. There will be some who dislike it and others who adore it.

The FlexiSpot Theodore may seem stylish at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals it to be a cheap standing desk. The review unit’s drawer front wasn’t adequately fastened to the drawer body, and its molding wasn’t uniformly straight. Particleboard is used for the desktop, so accidents involving liquids are always possible.

The fact still stands that this is a great-looking desk in a price range where great-looking desks don’t typically dwell, and many users won’t notice or care about those defects.

The scarcity of available desktop dimensions and design themes is the primary concern. There is just one colorway and one desktop size available for Theodore.

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The Flexispot Theodore is a steal at around $500 before you add other workplace accessories like a standing desk pad. The price tag reflects that you are not purchasing solid wood, but a wood veneer finish. Modern and stylish standing workstations may cost upwards of $1,000.

Ergonomic Design

Review Of Flexispot Theodore Standing Desk

The ergonomic freedom you get with this novel design and integrated drawer comes at a cost. Because of the drawer’s location, an ergonomic keyboard tray cannot be installed. A monitor arm can’t be attached due to the desktop’s curved edges and thickness (4.5″). Users of laptops who don’t care about ergonomics won’t need to add anything to this desk.

It’s also apparent that the hand controller was not designed with ergonomics since there are no memory height settings and no digital height readout. You’ll have to rediscover your optimal posture whenever you switch up your routine.

The two buttons on the hand controller and up are indicated by one and down by the other. The desk may be adjusted in height by pressing and holding either of these buttons for a few seconds.

Electronic Lifting Base

Flexispot sells electric standing desk lifting bases made by the renowned Chinese OEM manufacturer Loctek. The FlexiSpot Theodore’s Loctek foundation isn’t the best, but it’s to be expected at this price point.

The single motor configuration is loud. It can lift no more than 99 pounds at a time and travels at a slow 1.2 inches per second in both directions. Tests loaded it up to 115 pounds, and it still moved at the same pace, which is fine, but weight ratings constitute a significant factor to consider when purchasing a standing desk.

As a light-duty desk, Theodore is appropriately lightweight. As we’ve already established, this desktop is meant for laptop users and doesn’t have space for a keyboard tray or monitor arm. A 99-pound limit won’t be an issue if no monitor arms or screens support the weight.

Unexpectedly Simple Build

Since this desktop is far more susceptible to damage than a standard flat desktop plank, FlexiSpot adds extra packaging to ensure the desk arrives in one piece.

Regarding putting together, Theodore excels, and it only requires three easy steps and comes mostly put together. To begin, connect the legs to the frame. Unlike previous Chinese-made desks we’ve constructed, where paint clogged the receiving threads and manufacturing tolerances weren’t exactly as precise as you’d expect when working with precision electromechanical actuators, all four bolts slid in without a hitch.

The second step is to join the legs and feet together. There are four bolts in each one. At last, you secure several wires under the table. There was some initial consternation over this because the instructions were incomplete; however, after a quick inspection of the cable ends, it became clear where they were supposed to be plugged in.

Final Words

There is a lot to appreciate about this desk, from the design, construction, drawer, and pricing. On the other hand, it is not without its flaws. Unfortunately, you cannot improve the ergonomics by installing a keyboard tray or monitor arm. The lack of a digital height readout or saveable profiles on a primary hand controller only compounds the issue. It’s not as future-proof as competing for new desk versions since it doesn’t include anti-collision/anti-tilt features and Bluetooth. The length of the warranty is relatively short.

This desk is excellent if you’re a person of medium or taller stature who uses a laptop and wants to stand while working but doesn’t care too much about ergonomic adjustments. Its stylish design and convenient drawer make it stand out from other options in the same price range.

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