Laptop Dell Inspiron 3511 i5 11th Generation

Even newspapers first are design and written on a laptop than int for reading. If having a laptop has such advantages then everyone just wants to have the best laptops. So, if you are one of those who wants the best as well as an ideal laptop with all the quality features your search ends here only. The Laptop Dell Inspiron 3511 i5 11th generation is among the perfect and supreme laptops. This laptop is a lightweight and long-lasting workstation. This has an appealing appearance that captures everyone’s attention. Let us talk about this in detail.

Laptops become the most essential part of our life. If we need any kind of knowledge, we only need a laptop as well as an internet service. The most important function of this laptop is packed size as it has a screen, keyboard, mousepad, CPU, and other components in a small case.

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Generation and Design of Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 3511 Intel laptop i5 11th generation is made with recycled plastic. The paint on the laptop contains very low VOC (Volatile organic compounds). This laptop is very airy weight and one can carry it very easily without taking it as a burden. Its weight is 1kg 800 grams. It has a standard 15.6”-inch screen display size which is a really good size for every kind of work from engineers to doctors, teachers, students, and organizations.

The laptop comes with 2 rounded grips which are fitted on the corner of the laptop. The Slots given in the laptops are a card reader, headphones jack, charging port, 3 USB ports -1 with 2.0 version and 2 with 3.0 version, and an HDMI port. At the back panel 4 corners, rubber grips are available for your comfort and for stability when on a hard surface. Good quality speakers are provided at the back of the laptop panel.

Laptop Dell Inspiron 3511 i5 11th generation is available in the two most natural and forever colors i.e., carbon black and platinum silver. This laptop has an HD webcam which will help you in your meeting with a clear picture of yours and make you feel confident. This laptop is charged up to 80% in 60 minutes. Its dimension is 23.5*35.8*1.9 cm. Its display resolution is 1920*1080 pixels.

Top Main features Included in Laptop

Dell Inspiron 3511 D560803WIN9B Intel laptop core i5 11th generation main feature is having a processor with 2.4GHz speed which make your multitasking easy and help you to complete it on time. It comes with a strong, solidly built, and the full extent backlit keyboard for working for a long time period.

The most important quality of this laptop is its attire with three high-quality lithium-ion cells which is the battery saver because they do not overcharge and explosion hazards mean we have no chance of overheating or battery swelling in our laptop. The energy content of the battery is 2.6 watt-hours.  Its graphics cheapest brand is intel which is quite a famous brand. 

Other Important Components of Laptop

Dell Inspiron 3511 Intel laptop core i5 11th generation has 8 GB of RAM, and you have enough memory to run programs as much as you want without lagging your computer down. In the future, if we do want to update it, we can expand it to 16 GB. It also contains HD audio which gives superior sound quality over compress audio formats. Wifi and other Bluetooth connectivity is the part of this attractive laptop. If you want to connect your other gadgets to the laptop you probably requires connectivity of Bluetooth.

Now let us talk about the graphic card the most important part of the laptop which increases the video memory of the laptop and displays high-quality video, it also gives the power to the laptop to do high-level work. Dell Inspiron 3511 Intel laptop core i5 11th generation contains an integrated graphics card which is a GPU (Graphics processing unit) built into the processor.

At last, the question arises in everyone’s mind what is the cost of a  ? so one does not need to worry about price it is very much reasonable and affordable according to the features this includes. All people can buy it very easily if they really want to enjoy this gadget. The price of the laptop is $716.35. The packaging of the laptop includes a user manual, Laptop, Charger, and adopter.


After summing up all the features and designs of the laptop we can say that it is the best laptop to buy. It is available all over the global market online. From the above information, you can get all the information about the Laptop Dell Inspiron 3511 i5 11th generation.

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