Disclosing The Secrets Behind 5 Best Cameras For Kids 

As we all know Kids are pretty curious by nature and it is very natural. Kids always want to explore new hobbies and deserve to gift a creative outlet to explore the world around them and boost them for further future activities. Putting a camera in your child’s instance allows you to develop a visual storyteller, and capture memories in your kid’s memory. We are here to give suggestions to you on the 5 Best cameras for kids.

Today’s kid’s cameras are increasingly more powerful and very affordable which helps your child to increase their skills. The camera options are available for different age groups, keen interests, and skills of kids. So the thegadgets24 is here to help you out and clear all your doubts about the 5 Best cameras for kids

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VTech Kidizoom Duo 

The Kidizoom Duo is a real digital camera that is great and durable to handle by kids. If any of the little members of your family under the age of 3 to 9 years ask you for a camera or show interest in photography. Then you can buy a Vtech Kidizoom Duo camera and gift them for giving them a boost in their interest. It has 2.4 inches screen. There are both types of lenses are present, the front with 1200 pixels and the rear-facing camera with 640*840 resolution. This camera is best for kids who just wanted to start their interest in photography.

There is 256 Mb of memory built-in, which can be expanded by adding a micro SD card to the camera. When taking photos & videos it has 4X digital zoom and is available in 2 different colors pink and blue. These camera dimensions are 6.4*3.6*2.3 inches. So certainly not too big for little hands. Made up of plastic and has rubberized grips on the sides.  This camera makes sure with the proper resolutions and zooms that you don’t have to look around for any other camera.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 

What is more fun for kids than the kids getting their clicked photographs within seconds printed out? Yes, as the name suggests your child will get an instant printout of the pic which will make your kid excited and motivated to give more towards their keen interest in photography. It is only capable of printing there is no slot for transferring photos digitally.

The Mini 11 takes roughly 90 seconds for the picture to appear after you are taken it. The size of the photograph that appears after the print is 62*46 millimeters. The camera also has an effective flash with a focus of 0.6 meters. The dimensions of this mini 11 are 3*5.5*5.5 inches and weigh 0.68 lbs. And this camera ensures you give high-quality videos. 

The Mini 11 camera is stylish and really fun for both kids and adults.

The price of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is $89.95.


The best camera for kids with the power of an adult camera and a tiny size for little hands is the OZMI upgraded kids’ selfie camera. It is extra small and lightweight and easy to use buttons. Children can enjoy snapping photos and taking fun selfies with front and rear cameras. It takes photos with crisp clear 12 mp resolution and 1080p Hd videos. It features eco-friendly, non-toxic material and is the perfect size for little hands. So kids can quickly immortalize their favorite moments.

OZMI upgraded camera has 8 times digital zoom for capturing clear shots even from a distance. This also includes a timer feature, date setting, lapse photo function & many more. It comes with a 32 GB sd card already in the camera, so your child can take plenty of photos & videos. It has the capacity to store up to 2300 photos on board and upload photos & videos to your computer through included USB cable. Also contains 3 fun puzzle games to keep kids entertained in between taking photos. It is perfect for a road trip so the child is entertained during the trip and turns to enjoy taking photos and videos of their outing when they get there.

It has a fast charging time of one and a half to 2 hours and works up to four hours of fun. 

The price of the OZMI Camera is$30.99

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190

Canon PowerShot ELPH is the best camera for kids switching from a chunky camera to a good one. This camera comes in three color choices i.e. blue, black, and red with a high gloss finish. This is specially designed for teens. It is an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera with a 10X zoom lens. If you don’t have the latest smartphone, or simply want a small camera with big optical then it is a perfect choice for you. Its optical stabilization does a good job of steadying shoots. 

There is a built-in Xenon flash which you will not find on your phone, so you can still snap indoors. Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC are included so you can get photos to your phones or tablets for social sharing, once your child did shooting. This includes plenty of modes and can make HD video at 720p.  very handy for children and makes them master it in no time. It comes with a 10 MP sensor and a fast Digic 4+ processor. The screen size it holds is 5 inches.

The price of a Canon PowerShot is $349.95.

Seckton Upgrade Selfie Camera

Seckton upgrade kids selfie is the most suitable camera for kids who are curious about their interests in photography and want the best camera. As it has built-in 8 megapixels and 1080 video as well as forward and rear-facing cameras as well as several on-board games. The 32 GB memory card which includes with this provides enough space to save up to 3000 photos which are enough for most kids. You can easily take photos for 1-2 hours after full charging.

It is made of good plastic and non-toxic material which suits kids’ skin. This holds 2 inches screen with USB connectivity so you can easily port your photos and videos. The dimensions are 5.35*4.96*2.44 inches and the weight is 7.4 ounces. This camera is designed for children 3 years and up. 

The price of the Seckton Upgrade selfie camera is $36.99.


From the above information, you must have got an idea about which camera will suit your child and which you should buy in between the 5 best cameras for kids. All the cameras have their own specification, resolution, and dimensions. If you wanted to go for an instant print photo you can go with the Instax Mini 11. Otherwise, you have more options excluding this.  

If you want more information about the 5 best cameras for kids then stay tuned with thegadget24.com

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