Best Gaming Mouse of 2023

Mouses are in so much demand for gaming. If you are searching for a mouse with maximum DPIs and polling rate & other features too, then we have a list of the Best Gaming Mouse of 2023

We will provide you with a deep description of each mouse like its weight, build, design, Sensor, DPI, Polling Rate, etc. The information that is giving is valuable as compared to other related websites.

The term You know before you Buy a Mouse

Polling Rate – The more the polling rate, the more information is transferred to the computer from the mouse per second.

More Polling Rate = More Benefit (in gaming)

If you need speed and accuracy then the polling rate should be maximum.

Razer DeathAdder Essential

This model is in high demand and very popular among the best mouse for gaming. Its packaging is really so fine with a black and green color box, it comes in variant colors, but the white color gives a different feeling and attractive look to the mouse. 


In gaming mouse, the most important part that matters is their weight. The weight of the mouse is 134g and the dimensions are 12.7 x 7.3 x 4.3 cm.

Build and Design

The razor build quality is amazing. The Best Gaming Mouse of 2023 are specially designed for right-handed people. It is a 5-button mouse i.e two main clicks, one scholar, and one forward & backward button. The size of the mouse is really made for bigger hands. The wire of the mouse is of rubber quality which is truly suitable for gaming


In this, we can customize the buttons, brightness, and polling rate very easily. You can even set, at what stage which DPI you wanted to set is all your choice. For lighting, we have two effects breathing and static. Plus switch of lighting options is also available. 


In this, we have only white light and nothing more. 

  • Sensor- Optical Sensor
  • DPI – Maximum 6400
  • Polling Rate – Maximum 1025 Hz
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Logitech G102 Light Sync

The Logitech is the choice of most people who are left-handed because most of the gaming mouse that is available in the market are designed according to the right hand. 


The weight of the mouse is 85g which is very lightweight and convenient while gaming. If you are an esports player then Logitech G102 Light is the best choice for you.

Build & Design

The build of the laptop is symmetrical, which means both left and right people can use it very easily. The quality of the wire is amazing and it is a thin wire that is very weight, which means no problem in esports. It is a six-button mouse, with forward & backward buttons, two main clicks, one scholar, and one DPI button.


In customization, we have a polling rate & DPI. A lot of key assignments are also there that we can set by dragging and dropping the options. In lighting, we have an effect, cycle, rate, and brightness. The freestyle coloring option with animation means we can set the light color as per our choice, there is no restriction for this. 


The most interesting lighting is in Logitech G102 Light Sync which we can adjust according to our preference with seven effects.

  • Sensor- Mercury Sensor
  • DPI- Maximum8,000
  • Polling Rate – Maximum 1025 Hz
  • Warranty – 2 YEAR

Redragon M612 Predator

Below down we have listed some major aspects of redragon M612 Predator and in-depth information on Redragon M612 Predator. You can go through with them and access the all information in depth.


The weight of the Redragon M612 Predator is 145g which is also a good one because many more mouses come that is very heavy.

Build & Design

The mouse is designed with the best quality rubber grip. Right-handed people have the benefit of using it as it has a differently made thumb rest. It is a nine-button mouse. At the back of the mouse, we have the switch button also. The mouse has a Braided cable, which is of premium quality.


We have the option of changing the mode of it that can be changed from the button given at the back of the mouse. We get the option of lighting, customize, DPI & Macro. In lighting we have five options even we can off the light. Also, we get to change the brightness and speed of the Mouse.

Modes can be designed according to your games and even can customize the scholar also. Almost everything is customizable. You can save up to 5 level DPIs that you can change with the mouse only.


We have lights at four sites i.e left, right, and scroll wheel & on the logo with five effects of light.

  • Sensor – PAW 3104 Optical Sensor
  • DPI – Maximum8,000
  • Polling Rate – Maximum 500 Hz
  • Warranty- 1 Year

We have provided almost all kinds of Best Gaming Mouse of 2023 that contain almost all kinds of features, now it depends on you what you prefer in a mouse. Because everyone has different preferences. You can go with anyone of these mice, you will not get kind of complaints about it.

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