A Look At The Thermaltake Massive TM Laptop Cooling Pad

Thin and lightweight, the Thermaltake Massive TM Laptop Cooling Pad is outfitted with Thermaltake’s first-ever adjustable temperature sensor, display control panel, aluminum construction, and two 120mm temperature-regulates fans to provide optimal cooling for laptops of varying sizes and heat output. The best possible working posture for your hands and eyes is made possible by the superior ergonomic design.

Price: $60.00


  • Violent Airflow

Dual 120mm temperature-controlling fans with on-demand manual/automatic speed control.

  • Sensors For Temperature

The hotspot on your laptop may be located with the help of an adjustable temperature sensor that keeps tabs on up to four separate zones. (0℃~99 ℃)

  • Screen or Control Unit

A straightforward and intuitive multi-function display screen displays data from all sensors—the button doubles as a lock and a fan controller.

  • Aluminum’s Build

Elegance-enhancing brushing metal panel. The optimum airflow rate for cooling is achieve thanks to the hexagonal mesh pattern.

  • Humane Ergonomics

Prepare to work in comfort thanks to the ergonomic features including in the design of the Massive TM. These features include several input methods, adjustable settings, and an optimize viewing angle.

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The Massive TM Laptop Cooling Pad by Thermaltake is a more robust alternative to standard laptop cooling pads. While its cheaper competitors are just plug-and-play add-ons (in some cases without even dedicated power buttons), this more expensive alternative has a variety of toggle switches, an LED screen, and temperature sensors to keep tabs on your laptop’s internal environment.

The Cooling Pad Design

The Massive TM stands out visually among laptop cooling pads yet performs similarly to others in terms of its essential purpose. It’s made almost entirely of plastic, but it has a sturdy inner core and a well-construct exterior, so it should hold up well to everyday use. Meanwhile, the two 4.72-inch fans are house in a brushing aluminium surface with a stylish hexagonal design that makes it stand out from the crowd and makes products like the TopMate C302 and the Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad seem plain in comparison.

The surface on which your laptop rests is unique in other ways as well. You can tell it’s meant for a notebook because it has four protruding nubs, each of which has a raising point at the top and softly depresses into position. These four temperature sensors measure the warmth emanating from your laptop and may be moving left or right along the rail for a custom fit.

They may also serve as laptop holders for specific devices. In contrast to its competitors, the Massive TM does not come with any flip-up stopper at one end to keep your laptop in place while it is cooling.

The Cooling Pad Setup process

The Massive TM may be power by a USB connection to your computer and can be use without additional software. The pad has all the necessary buttons on it. Remember that if you want your computer to be at an even steeper angle, you may use the flip-out leg hidden inside the pad’s rear foot. One drawback is that no stoppers keep your laptop in place, so a MacBook Pro can slip straight off the cooling pad when the feet are entirely extending.

The Cooling Pad Performance

With the cooling pad, the Massive TM’s interior temperature dropping from 162 degrees Fahrenheit (without the cooling pad) to 145 degrees (with the cooling pad), and its exterior temperature dropped from 109 degrees (without the cooling pad) to 101 degrees (with the cooling pad). In comparison, other Laptop Cooling Pads showed a smaller decrease in temperature during tests.

To put it another way, if you want the most outstanding results, you should switch to manual mode and activate the turbo boost. In turbo mode, the fans run a little louder, but just a little. Whether the Massive TM is in automatic or manual way, with or without the turbo, it emits an unusual hum reminiscent of a faint rattling. My additional tests with cooling pads revealed that they were generally quieter.

The Cooling Pad Pricing

The Massive TM isn’t one of the more affordable alternatives, with the version with temperature sensors listed at $60. Manual mode with the turbo boost enabled performs a fantastic job of cooling a heating laptop, but the absence of stoppers to keep your computer in place is disappointing, and its noisy operation makes it difficult to use in a quiet environment. The screen, controls, and temperature sensors are nice, but they don’t justify the higher price tag.

Final Words

The Thermaltake Massive TM Laptop Cooling Pad is more expensive than similar products on the market. Still, it may be well worth it if you like its design or believe you’ll benefit from the included temperature zone measurements. However, the ordinary customer won’t benefit from these extras, so they’re probably best for specific needs.

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